Placement Drive

12-01-2018- Invent Soft labs (India) Private Ltd Campus Recruitment Drive @ 10. A.M for Final Years ECE, CSE & IT

Placement drive

28 & 29-12-2017- Cetas Information Technology Campus Recruitment Drive @ 10.A.m for Final year CSE & IT Students

Placement Drive

22-12-2017-Hints Technology Pooled Campus Recruitment Drive @ 10 A.M for Final Year EEE & ECE Students



A distinguished  EDUSAT Hall is situated in the separate block with the capacity of seventy students. The Anna University provides expert lectures through the KU-Band satellite for all the disciplines. Students get more knowledge and experience by Video-Conference sessions. The most significant feature of this session is that our college has earned a name by logging first among all the colleges which was quoted by “ The Hindu “ Newspaper.

Distance Education has come into its own as the mainstay in the field of education. The integration of satellite technology and education has yielded rich rewards socially, culturally and economically.The interactive classroom, the students can interact with the subject expert at the teaching end through a voice link via satellite. The question and the subject expert's response to the question can be heard live in the classrooms.