Placement Drive

12-01-2018- Invent Soft labs (India) Private Ltd Campus Recruitment Drive @ 10. A.M for Final Years ECE, CSE & IT

Placement drive

28 & 29-12-2017- Cetas Information Technology Campus Recruitment Drive @ 10.A.m for Final year CSE & IT Students

Placement Drive

22-12-2017-Hints Technology Pooled Campus Recruitment Drive @ 10 A.M for Final Year EEE & ECE Students

Apl ‘T20


Match No.DateTug Of WarSummaryMan of the MatchSnap Shot
1 12-11-16 Sri Vidhya Vs.KCC Sri Vidhya won the match by 100 runs Mr.Satish Snap shot 
2 20-11-16 Abinaya Vs. Veerans ABI NAYA won the match by 78 runs Mr. Balasingam Snap shot
3 20-11-16 Strong Boys Vs. Phoneix-II Phoneix won the match by 6 wickets Mr. Malaikannan Snap shot
4 20-11-16 MCC Vs. United XI MCC won the match by 15 runs Mr. Jailani Snap shot
5 27-11-16 Duckout stars Vs. Sempatti Duckout Stars won the match by 117 runs Mr. Pradeep Snap shot
6 27-11-16 SIT Vs. JC Royals JC Royals won the match by 43 runs Mr. Sarna Guru Snap shot
7 27-11-16 Ramco Royals Vs. Battalion Battalion won the match by 3 Wickets Mr. Guna Snap shot
8 11-12-16 Tamilan Express Apk Vs. SIT Kariappati SIT won the match by 52 runs Mr. Siva Snap shot
9 11-12-16 Palayampati Sports kings Vs. Mepco Sivakasi Palayampati Sports kings won the match by 73 runs Mr. Karuppasamy Snap shot
10 11-12-16 Glacier CC, Sivakasi Vs. Super Strikers Apk Glacier CC won the match by 9 runs Mr. Milton Snap shot
11 18-12-16 AAA Engg. College Vs. 11 Bullets 11 Bullets won the match by 1 Wicket Mr. Ravi Snap shot
12 18-12-16 BCC Puthur Vs. SMCC Madurai SMCC Madurai won the match by 4 Wickets Mr. Dinesh Snap shot
13 01-01-17 MCC Apk Vs. SMCC Madurai SMCC Madurai won the match by 6 Wickets Mr. Dinesh Snap shot
14 01-01-17 ASK Apk Vs. Sri Vidhya Virdhunagar ASk Apk won the match by 88 Runs Mr. Lingam Snap shot

Amazing Cash prizes and Awards
First prize  Rs. 10,000

                      Second prize Rs. 7,000

                                                        Best Bowler and Bats man Awards