Graduation Day

12-08-2018- cordially invite You all for Graduation day @ 10.00 A.M, SSCE Auditorium

English Communication Lab

Globalization has brought in numerous opportunity for the reeming millions, with more focus on the students' overall capability apart from academic apart from academic competence. Many students, particucommunication lablarly those from non-English medium schools, find that they are not preferred for jobs due to their inadequacy of communication skills and soft skills, despite possessing sound knowledge in their subject area along with technical capability. Keeping their subject area along and career requirements in view, this course on communication skills Laboratory has been designed and will prepare students to adapt themselves with ease to the industry environment, thus rendering them as prospective assets to industries. The course will equip the students with the necessary communication skills that would go a long way in helping them in their profession.



- To equip students of engineering and technology with effective speaking and listening skills in English.

- To help them develop their soft skills and personality traits, which will make the transition from college to workplace smoother and help them to excel in their jobs.

- To enhance students' performance during placement interviews, Group Discussions and other recruitment exercises.

Salient Features of the Lab

- A sophisticated and decorated lab with wooden wall-panel.

- A 9.5 ton Ductable split Air Conditioner worth Rs.2 Lakhs.

- 5 KVA UPS (2 Nos.) worth Rs.1.5 Lakhs. One server and 30 client systems installed by a software called English and Carrer Lab worth Rs.1,52,000.

- Digital Home-theater speaker systems & Roof - speakers with studio - master and woofer.

- Head - phone for each student.

- Networking of all systems with Teachers Console system.

- Monitoring and supervising the lab practicals by the lecturers in English.