Graduation Day

12-08-2018- cordially invite You all for Graduation day @ 10.00 A.M, SSCE Auditorium



The college is accommodated with a spacious and well equipped modern library with a good collection of more than 23,000 books pertaining to all branches. The library subscribes  to a large number of National and International Magazines and Journals and IEEE(ASPP) 161 Journals, ASME (Mech) 27 Journals, ASCE(civil) 35 Journals, Springer (EEE,ECE,CSE) 149Jjournals, Mcgraw Hill Access  Engineering , ELSEVIER(Engg.+Comp. Science), ASTM, J.Gate and Delnet. Apart from the general library, each department is provided with a department library consisting of standard textbooks for the benefit of staff and students

- The following regulations are strictly followed in the library.

- Absolute silence and discipline must be maintained in the library

- Two borrower tickets are issued to students on which books can be taken on loan.

- A student can retain the book for 14 days. If the due date falls on a holiday he should return it on the next working day.

- A book may be re-issued for another spell of 14 days to a student at his request provided it is produced before the librarian. All markings, underlines, etc., in the books are punishable with fine or with replacement of the book or both. No student shall sublend the borrower - tickets of the library.

- The Librarian can recall a book at any time without giving reason. If a student does not return the book on due date or on recall, a fine Re. 1.00/- per day of default will be levied and the defaulting student will not be allowed to use the library till the book is returned and the fine is paid.

- If a book is iost by a student he / she shall replace it with a copy of the latest edition.
- The librarian is empowered to send any misbehaving student out of the library

- All serious offences will be brought to the notice of the principal promptly by the librarian.

- "Lips inet library" is being used for better management of library through which students can access completed data about the records of the library. It saves the precious time of the users.

- DELNET membership has been introduced in our college.

- E-library facility is available and more than 1720 journals and periodicals are available on line.