Placement Drive

12-01-2018- Invent Soft labs (India) Private Ltd Campus Recruitment Drive @ 10. A.M for Final Years ECE, CSE & IT

Placement drive

28 & 29-12-2017- Cetas Information Technology Campus Recruitment Drive @ 10.A.m for Final year CSE & IT Students

Placement Drive

22-12-2017-Hints Technology Pooled Campus Recruitment Drive @ 10 A.M for Final Year EEE & ECE Students

Math Club

Math Club:

  1. Aptitude Class Test.
  2. Guest lecture on “Applications of Mathematics”.
  3. Online test.
  4. Vedic Mathematics class.
  5. Puzzle solving & Aptitude questions
  6. Multiplication Using Vedic Mathematics”. are some of the various events organized by Math club.